sunnuntai 7. tammikuuta 2018

Remember me? I'm the dreamer.

Wow, I skipped two years. TWO. YEARS. I suddenly had inspiration to open this blog and write more. Is anyone reading? Hi. Welcome. Welcome back?

I found this post from 2013, in which I shared ten dreams I wanted to fulfill THAT year. Let's have a look how it went down:

Kuvahaun tulos haulle positive quotes

1) Get a job - CHECK. This one actually happened soon enough.

2) Buy a smartphone - CHECK. I bought it. Seems like it was the most important thing..

3) Finish at least one "eternity project".. I'm not sure about this one. Or, let's be honest, I haven't really finished the things I wanted.. like uploading a decent singing video on YouTube (an actual edited video) or finished writing a story. So, these are still on my to-do-list and that's fine - I can still achieve these goals.

4) (This one is a bit funny.) Achieve "SoShi-legs" meaning getting lean legs like the girls in the music group SNSD. Well, I haven't achieved this goal, but I have developed a healthier body image and self confidence which I think is an achievement in itself.

5) See friends all over the country. I haven't really - and I'm not in touch with many people who I was thinking about at that time. I'm not sure what to think about that. For one thing, I've learned to appreciate quality over quantity in friends, but I do feel lost connection is a sad thing.

6) Keep in touch with friends more. I haven't done this enough at all. This is something I'd really like to take time to do.

7) Abandon unnecessary stuff. - CHECK. This I've actually done more than I thought I would, but still I have stuff that I need to sort out and decide what to do with it.

8) Complete collections. Hmm.. I'm not satisfied. I'm missing some music albums and films that I wanted to have for a long time. Also, I want to showcase my My Little Pony collection and soft toys.. I need to think about how.. But, collecting is something that goes on and on, and that's the fun of it, too.

9) Hold on to my hobbies. I haven't written or drawn in a long time, again.. And I don't dance as frequently as I used to. This old post was a good reminder to get a grip!

10) Study Chinese. - CHECK. I'm happy and proud about achieving this goal. It was but a dream in 2013 when I only knew few words and was only hoping I'd be able to keep up a conversation later. I actually do speak Mandarin now, and I even use it at work.

So, all in all - I achieved four out of ten dreams. And, I think the ones I achieved, I achieved well, you know what I'm saying?
A lot of times we're not satisfied with ourselves, we always think we should achieve more, we should succeed.. It's so important to remind yourself about what you have achieved. Give yourself credit. Sometimes it's enough to just survive.
It's also important to remind yourself that you still have time to achieve more. It's not over til it's over. You're alive. Your mission isn't finished.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle positive quotes

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