sunnuntai 7. tammikuuta 2018

Remember me? I'm the dreamer.

Wow, I skipped two years. TWO. YEARS. I suddenly had inspiration to open this blog and write more. Is anyone reading? Hi. Welcome. Welcome back?

I found this post from 2013, in which I shared ten dreams I wanted to fulfill THAT year. Let's have a look how it went down:

Kuvahaun tulos haulle positive quotes

1) Get a job - CHECK. This one actually happened soon enough.

2) Buy a smartphone - CHECK. I bought it. Seems like it was the most important thing..

3) Finish at least one "eternity project".. I'm not sure about this one. Or, let's be honest, I haven't really finished the things I wanted.. like uploading a decent singing video on YouTube (an actual edited video) or finished writing a story. So, these are still on my to-do-list and that's fine - I can still achieve these goals.

4) (This one is a bit funny.) Achieve "SoShi-legs" meaning getting lean legs like the girls in the music group SNSD. Well, I haven't achieved this goal, but I have developed a healthier body image and self confidence which I think is an achievement in itself.

5) See friends all over the country. I haven't really - and I'm not in touch with many people who I was thinking about at that time. I'm not sure what to think about that. For one thing, I've learned to appreciate quality over quantity in friends, but I do feel lost connection is a sad thing.

6) Keep in touch with friends more. I haven't done this enough at all. This is something I'd really like to take time to do.

7) Abandon unnecessary stuff. - CHECK. This I've actually done more than I thought I would, but still I have stuff that I need to sort out and decide what to do with it.

8) Complete collections. Hmm.. I'm not satisfied. I'm missing some music albums and films that I wanted to have for a long time. Also, I want to showcase my My Little Pony collection and soft toys.. I need to think about how.. But, collecting is something that goes on and on, and that's the fun of it, too.

9) Hold on to my hobbies. I haven't written or drawn in a long time, again.. And I don't dance as frequently as I used to. This old post was a good reminder to get a grip!

10) Study Chinese. - CHECK. I'm happy and proud about achieving this goal. It was but a dream in 2013 when I only knew few words and was only hoping I'd be able to keep up a conversation later. I actually do speak Mandarin now, and I even use it at work.

So, all in all - I achieved four out of ten dreams. And, I think the ones I achieved, I achieved well, you know what I'm saying?
A lot of times we're not satisfied with ourselves, we always think we should achieve more, we should succeed.. It's so important to remind yourself about what you have achieved. Give yourself credit. Sometimes it's enough to just survive.
It's also important to remind yourself that you still have time to achieve more. It's not over til it's over. You're alive. Your mission isn't finished.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle positive quotes

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2015

Film feels: Disney's Cinderella - Tuhkimon tarina

Olin odottanut Tuhkimon tarinan näkemistä paljon. En nyt sanoisi olevani kovin vaikuttunut. Disneyn animoitu Tuhkimo oli aina ollut mielestäni niitä hitaimpia Disney-elokuvia, jossa oli kovin vähän sisältöä, ja siinä oli silti vahvempia kohtauksia kuin tässä näytellyssä versiossa - ja tästä puuttuivat ne taianomaiset laulut. Valssi tosin oli maaginen.♡

I had been looking forward to seeing Cinderella so much. But, I wouldn't really say I was impressed. I had always thought Disney's animated Cinderella was one of the slowest Disney movies without much content, but it still had stronger scenes than this live-action version - and this one lacked the magical songs. The waltz was magical though.♡

I wish the movie had been more faithful to the animated version, because honestly, the animation had some great moments! It would really be one of my favorites if there were less scenes with mice. They did fix that in the 2015 version, but they fixed too many things. The animated version of transforming stuff was way better. Actually, I think today's technology would give filmmakers more room for magic than what was seen in this piece. The transformation from mice to horses looks pretty cute, and I did love the dress transformation. Oh, the dress! I did love it - and the shoes! They were amazing.

What I will remember from this movie is how the Prince and Cinderella looked at each other - the actors were perfect in their roles - and the song with lavender, as well as the words "Have courage and be kind." This movie did have its moments. I did cry in many scenes, but I'd say it was in obvious scenes. I mean, if a movie can make you cry with not so obvious reasons, then it's a really well made film.

What I most loved about this movie were the characters. Disney finally gave Cinderella and Prince Charming real characters with personalities! The prince even has an actual name now! That was actually hilarious when he was introduced in the movie. I was so surprised. I still can't stop smiling about the name choice. It's so not obvious. The characters were well better written than the actual screenplay. They had their stories and they had their dreams.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should, if you love romantic stories and fairy tales. And if you don't like fairy tales - you should try how you feel about this one. Because despite of some little magical help from the Fairy Godmother, this movie was actually very realistic - almost too realistic for my taste, since I'm someone who does love fairy tales!

Have courage and be kind.

sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2015

"Kun mikään ei ole varmaa, kaikki on mahdollista."

sunnuntai 15. kesäkuuta 2014



I've been ill all weekend, but I've been meeting friends and they've been making me smile despite lack of energy. I've enjoyed watching martial arts movies..

I love watching fighting movies because to me it all represents fighting in life, fighting for what you believe in and fighting for those you love.
That is the reason I appreciate martial arts so much. The one who masters the skill of fighting must also master the skill of living, that's how I feel about it..

Photos from

Sharing wisdom is one more thing I appreciate. Thank you Bruce Lee for sharing your wisdom, and also thank you Shannon Lee for sharing your father's legacy..

She just shared this photo a while ago. It's not Father's Day here where I live, but happy Father's Day to everyone who is having one!

sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014


Hi lovelies~

How are you? I'm enjoying a relaxed weekend. I re-did my ombré dye. I used copper instead of hot red. I think it suits me much better. Here's a selca to start of this post! Continued by outfit photos

This is what I would  wear to office.

I love love high-waist outfits! I'm not advertising any company, but if anyone is interested, I can try and remember where the clothes are from. Just ask me in the comment box!

I've been dancing lots. I love Orange Caramel's cute songs and choreos! What have you been up to?

This is SO my summer song.

This one is such an all-time-favorite!

lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014


Hi people :) 

How are y'all doing? I'm enjoying a relaxed weekend!

It's been a hectic spring! I moved to another city and started in a new working place.
I like my work. All in all, life is going smoothly. It's sometimes tiring, but there's so much joy, I can't complain.

Most of my free time I'm simply enjoying little things and appreciating the beauty of life.

This weekend I'm staying with my parents, the whole family with mom, dad and two younger brothers are together, and I enjoy the togetherness. The meals with lots of laughter are some of the best moments in life.

I  bubble tea. Flowers. My little ponies. Colorful nail polish. My pink handbag. K-pop.
What do y'all love and what makes you feel good?

I really want to thank Renae for encouraging me to write my blog again! You've been a lovely penpal, and I wish you'll stay in my life! I'll try and keep working on my blog, and I'm gonna stick to writing in English for I know you're actually reading.^^

Everyone, have a nice rest of the weekend~!
Also, congratulations to everyone who celebrates their graduation this year! Well done~!

perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

That time of year again

I love the Finnish language, and I'm genuinely happy we have our own language, however I most often feel like writing in English, and this time is no exception.

Hey guys, how have you been? 

Here's some latest news:

❥ I saw VIXX live in Stocholm on November 2nd

I got memories and this poster with me!

❥ I have been to a laser eye surgery 

Maybe I'll write more about these, especially if you want to read. Please comment!

Yesterday I went to Tampere for an eye check up. I was told everything is alright. After that I went shopping and found some dvds - Tears Go By, Click! and Lucky Number S7evin.

They had set up a Christmas market place, and I decided to wander for a while before going back home. They happened to have the opening ceremony that time, so I stayed to see that. I didn't know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised they had very good local artists performing. I'll share a few photos and my thoughts. 

Sanna Säntti is a wonderful girl. Her delivery of words is so natural. I love her smile and her hair. And, let's get to the point - she's a wonderful singer! Her voice is delicate beautiful and she sings with emotion and passion, I enjoy listening to her singing.

You can hear some on this video

Then they introduced me to the Finnish Elvis - Aaron. My, his voice is fantastic and I wished I had been there with my friends so I could have felt free to scream more... because he has that pelvis of Elvis. Anyway I let out random whoops which seemed to bug a couple of aunties.. sorry.^^' -> And the unfortunate thing that happens every time they look at you, and you just lose your sh*t and the photo gets all blurry but oh well, still hot!^^

They had the famous Pate Mustajärvi performing, and I was able to snap this one photo, because when he was singing, those aunties suddenly appeared in front of me all excited, haha, so cute! :DD

So here's again a rather short post for you guys - please comment, and thank you so much for reading.

sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

Remember me?

I can't believe how I always STOP. DOING. THINGS.

I mean the way I always enthusiastically dance every day, sing often, write stories that continue, write blog frequently.. and then all of a sudden, I just don't do those things anymore. I was supposed to finish the continuing story I even posted on Facebook for people to read.. and they've been waiting for another chapter for no one remembers how long.. and don't even mention this blog..

I feel I've failed in that sense that I haven't done the things that used to matter to me so much. Of course, lately, I've done meaningful things, like, working..

I think I'm in this danger zone of almost working too much. I have my full time job, and yet I sometimes work as substitute in another work place, which means I sometimes work 13 hours a day or I only have one day off in a week.

Yesterday it was Saturday and I was working again, having today my only day off this week. And gosh, I feel so ill... I've only been trying to make myself get over this illness, relax and enjoy music and talking to people. I enjoyed some time ago when I had time to meet people in the weekends, and I haven't even had time to write here about those lovely times.

This post needs a picture.. wait..
okay, I'm sorry, it's not up to me, Blogger doesn't wanna share photos now.
Good night! I'll go to sleep and try to be fresh in the morning to go to work.. ahh waiting for Thursday which is a holiday! On Friday I'll work 13 hours.. ^^'

maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

In Memoriam: Leslie Cheung

I wonder how it felt for Leslie Cheung’s fans, to hear the announcement of his suicide, on April Fool’s Day, 10 years ago. Always so cheerful, loving and loved by all, whole nation’s “big brother” had decided to leave this world behind. I only got to know him after his death, and my goodness, I love his music and his films. I love him. Leslie Cheung, may your sweet and kind soul be free and blissful. We miss you so.
These are some writings inspired by him.
The moon represents your heart,
you're perhaps an angel, perhaps a ghost.
We're so far apart,
yet so close,
brought together by love,
the honest love you know.

You bring us so much joy,
you teach us love through music and films,
I wish they could've made you as happy,
so that you'd be here still.
I miss people I never met
I miss people I'm afraid I'll never meet again
I'm sorry for sometimes forgetting
How to carry people in my heart for all time
I'm still learning
The life long lesson of loving