perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

That time of year again...

I love Finnish and I'm happy we have our own language but I most often feel like writing in English, and I feel so again. Sorry, anteeksi..

Hey guys,
How have you been? Somehow I always seem to find the inspiration to write my blog in December. Haha.

Some latest news:
❥ I have been in a relationship since October 27th
❥ I saw VIXX live in Stocholm on November 2nd
❥ I have been to a laser eye surgery and don't need specs anymore.

I'll probably write more about these, especially if you want to read..? Please tell me.^^

Here's me without my glasses. With makeup.

Here's a photo of me and my love. 

Yesterday I went to Tampere for an eye check up. I was told everything is alright. After that I went to buy some dvds. Found Tears Go By, Click! and Lucky Number S7evin. Do you want to read review of any of these?

They had set up a Christmas market place and I decided to wander there for a while before happened to start the opening ceremony so I stayed to see that. I didn't know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised they had very good local artists performing. I'll share a few photos and my thoughts. I WILL SHARE THE PHOTOS WHEN BLOGGER AGREES.

Sanna Säntti is a wonderful girl. Her delivery of words is so natural. I love her smile and her hair. And, let's get to the point - she's a wonderful singer! Her voice is delicate beautiful and she sings with emotion and passion, I love listening to her singing.

You can hear some on this video:

Then they introduced me Finnish Elvis.. Aaron. My, his voice is fantastic and I wished I had been there with my friends so I could have felt free to scream more... because he has that pelvis of Elvis. Anyway I let out random "whoooo"s which seemed to bug a couple of aunties.. sorry.^^'

And the unfortunate thing that happens everytime they look at you, you just lose your sh*t and the photo gets all blurry but oh well, still hot!^^

They had the famous Pate Mustajärvi performing, and I was able to snap this one photo, because when he was singing, those aunties suddenly appeared in front of me all excited, haha, so cute! :DD

So here's again a rather short post for you guys, and I'm wondering again if anyone is reading, so please do comment, and thank you so much for reading.

sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

Remember me?

I can't believe how I always STOP. DOING. THINGS.

I mean the way I always enthusiastically dance every day, sing often, write stories that continue, write blog frequently.. and then all of a sudden, I just don't do those things anymore. I was supposed to finish the continuing story I even posted on Facebook for people to read.. and they've been waiting for another chapter for no one remembers how long.. and don't even mention this blog..

I feel I've failed in that sense that I haven't done the things that used to matter to me so much. Of course, lately, I've done meaningful things, like, working..

I think I'm in this danger zone of almost working too much. I have my full time job, and yet I sometimes work as substitute in another work place, which means I sometimes work 13 hours a day or I only have one day off in a week.

Yesterday it was Saturday and I was working again, having today my only day off this week. And gosh, I feel so ill... I've only been trying to make myself get over this illness, relax and enjoy music and talking to people. I enjoyed some time ago when I had time to meet people in the weekends, and I haven't even had time to write here about those lovely times.

This post needs a picture.. wait..
okay, I'm sorry, it's not up to me, Blogger doesn't wanna share photos now.
Good night! I'll go to sleep and try to be fresh in the morning to go to work.. ahh waiting for Thursday which is a holiday! On Friday I'll work 13 hours.. ^^'

torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Matu Fatu Gentleman!

I listen to this song too much.. And I sway my hips way too much.. haha.
Well it's soooo addicting, right?? O.O

How have you all been? Please comment if you still read my blog, lol.. I haven't been writing in a long time, again.. I'm sorry, I also haven't read others' blogs. I will read.

Just letting y'all know I like it in my new job and life's good. I've stepped away from a relationship once again. I'm not sure at all if I'll ever find my prince charming, but I've got time to wait, don't I..?
But I'm so darn demanding. I know.

I'm too tired. I'll write something more clever next time, okay? Good night and have a nice weekend!

maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

In Memoriam: Leslie Cheung

I wonder how it felt for Leslie Cheung’s fans, to hear the announcement of his suicide, on April Fool’s Day, 10 years ago. Always so cheerful, loving and loved by all, whole nation’s “big brother” had decided to leave this world behind. I only got to know him after his death, and my goodness, I love his music and his films. I love him. Leslie Cheung, may your sweet and kind soul be free and blissful. We miss you so.
These are some writings inspired by him.
The moon represents your heart,
you're perhaps an angel, perhaps a ghost.
We're so far apart,
yet so close,
brought together by love,
the honest love you know.

You bring us so much joy,
you teach us love through music and films,
I wish they could've made you as happy,
so that you'd be here still.
I miss people I never met
I miss people I'm afraid I'll never meet again
I'm sorry for sometimes forgetting
How to carry people in my heart for all time
I'm still learning
The life long lesson of loving


lauantai 16. maaliskuuta 2013

New hair and new job!

Aiyo! I've been soooo lazy blogging. I guess I've been so busy with my new wonderful phone that I don't have time for computer anymore, haha. Hmm..they do have Blogger app.. nah!
Haha really I've been busy with work! I have clean office work now! I've been working there for two weeks now. I'm learning the job in March, and in April I'm supposed to be an expert, gosh.
It's just too cool, huh?! I love client work. Really happy about this job. ^^

I'm not writing much again, because it's laaaaaate.  I'm just quickly showing you guys I have a new haircut.^^

I'ma write more later! Everybody take care and please keep reading!! Love you!♥

lauantai 23. helmikuuta 2013


Now I have the smart phone I wanted!
TA DAH! Samsung Galaxy S2.

And I also bought a cute case for it. That's the backside, on the front side the pictures are not upside down, hehe. Of course I have Kan's photo as background picture.^^
I love it that I can easily contact people, and I love playing games!

sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013

Ensin työ, sitten huvi, ainakin blogissa

Yo homies! Finnish in black and English in gray, is dat whack or is dat okay? It's a rhyme. c:
Don't you just love my black slang, it's so natural..  The title means "first work, then fun, at least in blog.

The slang is all his fault. Word.

Työrintamalta jotain uutta: menen hiihtolomalla (maaliskuun vaihteessa) kehitysvammaisten aikuisten talvileirille ohjaajaksi. Leiri kestää vain neljä päivää ja kolme yötä. Aika menee varmasti tosi nopeasti ja uskon, että on hauskaa ja palkitsevaa hommaa.
Seuraavalla viikolla aloitan uudenlaisen työn. Toimistotöitä olisi luvassa ja aluksi työkokeiluna. Myönnän heti kättelyssä, että olen autuaasti pihalla, mutta yritän parhaani, että oppisin työhön ja saisin jatkaa sitä kauemmin kuin kuukauden, jos käy niin, ettei ole vaihtoehtoja..

When the month is changing I'll be working for four days and three nights in a so called winter camp for mentally handicapped adults.  I'm sure time will fly and it'll be fun and rewarding work.The next week I'll start as a trainee, working in an office. Hope I'll learn the job and be able to work longer than a month. If I don't have anything else later, that is.

Mitä olen puuhaillut.. Yllätys yllätys olen lähinnä istunut koneella, kuunnellut musiikkia ja viettänyt aikaa muun muassa Tumblrissa... ja ollut aika addiktoitunut Candy Crush Sagaan FB:ssä.. ja siinä taas yksi syy, miksi haluan älypuhelimen. T.T
Siinäpä yksi juttu, josta voisin kirjoittaa.. olen kirjoittanut listaa siitä, mitä haluan ostaa sitten, kun on rahaa. Voi, olisipa YesAsiassa vielä kaikki mahtavat tarjoukset sitten, kun oikeasti voin tehdä tilauksen!
Ensimmäisenä asiana haluan sen älypuhelimen.
Sitten haluan kivat kuoret siihen puhelimeeni.
Ja sitten haluan muita kivoja juttuja.

Then, about what have I been doing.. Surprise, I've been sitting at the computer and listened to music and spent time on Tumblr for example.. then I have been kinda addicted to Candy Crush Saga on FB.. and it's one more reason I want a smart phone. T.T
There's another thing I could write about.. I've been making a list of what I wanna buy when I have money. Awh, I wish YesAsia will still have all the good deals when I'm actually able to order!! 
First thing is smart phone.
Then I want a nice cover for my smart phone. 
And then I want other nice things.

2PM approves.

Ai niin, vaihdoin blogin bannerin. Taidan pitää tämän pitkään, koska tästä oikeasti tykkään. ^_^ Siinä on Nu'est JR, Exo-M Kris, SpeXial Zi Hong ja F.Cuz Kan, kaikki mun biasit noista ryhmistä ja kaikissa on mun mielestäni aika lailla samaa näköä ja rakastan niitä kaikkia. *__*

Oh yeah, and I changed my banner. I think I'll keep this one for a long time, because this one I really like. ^_^ There are Nu'est JR, Exo-M Kris, SpeXial Zi Hong and F.Cuz Kan, all of my biases from those groups and who I think look very much alike with each other and I adooooore all of them. *__*

tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

Feels ~

I'm in a good mood. ^^ I'm happy because I will most probably have a job quite soon..
Last weekend, I accompanied my bf to the airport and he flew back to Asia. After that I went to forget my heartache with a friend that I had not seen in a long time. I love Laura, she is so nice! And there were these two friends of hers and I do consider them my friends too already, they were so nice too! I was super happy to meet them all, and I got to know someone who I can call eonnie, oh my goodness oh my soul ;~; [Jungmin quote] I'm just so happy! ^^

And Laura had held some doll things of mine because she had placed an order for both of us. I was supposed to collect my stuff some time, and it took who knows how long for me to actually pay a visit! Better late than never.

Melissa used to have brown hair and purple eyes before. I was supposed to try new pink hair with purple eyes (how adorable!), but guess what, I was too excited to try out the new turquoise eyes so I simply forgot! I'll try when I have inspiration to change the style again.^^ I bought the turquoise eyes from Laura, and the stuff she had held for me were a pink wig, a black wig and shoes, but guess what, my girl's feet are too big for the shoes haha. But the two new wigs are both awesome and here are some photos of new looks! I ended up with using the first pair of eyes she had, for now, because brown eyes look good with black hair, am I right?

Kiitos vielä, Laura! Oli tosi kivaa.^^ Tekee mieli lähteä nukkemiittiin pitkästä aikaa! 
I feel like going to a doll meeting after a long time. I'm so looking forward to working and getting moneyyy lol. I miss my friends who live in other cities. I wanna go see them.

What else have I been doing? Mostly listening to .. Cao Meng again..!